Trade Secrets
Trade secrets are vital for businesses to keep their competitive edge, but unlike other forms of IP protection, there is no government registration system for obtaining trade secret rights. Our attorneys' experience is vital to effectively protecting your trade secrets.

A trade secret is anything that is proprietary that provides a competitive advantage to your business, things like:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Research and Development information
  • Customer lists
  • Bookkeeping methods
  • Business plans or designs
  • Computer programs
  • Pricing and cost information

As the courts and Congress continue to restrict the ability of high tech companies to obtain patent protection, trade secret protection has become a more viable option for some companies.  Additionally, Congress recently enacted the Defend Trade Secrets Act, a major expansion of the ability to enforce trade secrets in federal courts.  The DTSA provides for ex parte seizure proceedings, before litigation is filed, injunctive relief, revised damages, and awards of attorneys’ fees.